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I wanted to update this post since it was put on here awhile ago, i had my little girl, her name is Peyton and she is going to be 6 months already! I got into a subsidized housing thankfully the landlord was really trying to help me and she did. I am still in desperate need of transportation, when i moved, my boyfriend decided to tag along and lately honestly i don't want to even be with him, he has been so rude to me, and has not helped me at all with our daughter, i do everything at the apartment with cleaning to cooking and taking care of peyton 24/7..he just started a job at a factory that is like 15 mins away from our place, well he works from 4pm - 2:30am and ever since he started this job, he has been a complete jerk to me, and thinks that since he is working, that he doesn't have to help with the baby, well i need a break once in awhile, and thankfully my mom is willing to help me! I want to get everything situated so when the time comes that him and i end it, i can have a vehichle and find a job, and peyton and i can do it i know we can...but when i got in a fight with patrick the other day he told me that i couldn't make it without him..and calling me names and what not, well i want to prove him wrong! Im trying so hard to raise my daughter properly and i dont want there to be fighting around her either, so if anyone out there has any ideas on what i could do, id be sooo thankful, im already on, and i have checked out some sights for assistance for vehichles, but they do not participate in our area, i also had to recently try to get on bluechip insurance, because they cut my pharmacy and dental part of my access and didn't even tell me they were going to, and i am an x-drug addict, i have been clean for almost 3 years, and i have been on suboxones and that is the main medicine that i need and i cant afford it now because of them cutting the like i said, im always on here trying to find advice and other sites that say for assistance, my rent is 229 a month because of patrick living here, i dont know how much it will be when he leaves, and he has my name in the cable bill and phone bill, and electric, which is fine, because im head of household, but whenever he is late with payments, he doesn't care, because its not on his name..i just dont know what to do, iv'e told him to get out, but he didn't...and he must of thought i wasn't serious..but i can't take it mentally anymore with him, i have to literally hide my money, my medicines, and my access card from him cause he gets into my purse all the just tired of not being happy..and i hope that someday there will be someone out there that would make me truely happy..thank you for listening, and please let me know if you know of any assistance for vehichles in our area, which is blair...


God Bless You All!!


First time mommy <3

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